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At the hearth, the family’s favorite appliance.  Like the rabbit ears?

Kimberly grew up in Rochester, New York about the time the digital camera was invented by Eastman Kodak. Still at the time, “film-film” was still in every home in America. On one side of her family she knew her Sicilian relatives who came through Ellis Island from the “old country.” On the other side of her family, she didn’t know her relatives who purportedly came over on the Mayflower; but dysfunction knows no immigration date or particular manifest. Both sides brought their own version to the new world to grow and prosper.

Kimberly first learned about photography making pinhole cameras in summer programs. The first thing she wanted to do, after the nun ambition was discouraged, in second grade, was to make cartoons. This less than practical ambition in a somewhat insular community would be set aside as college decisions were to be made. Film making in Rochester, New York, after all, involved chemical engineering and silver nitrate. But the film bug would bite again in a silent cinema class while she was also studying anthropology and archaeology. (Kimberly has a talent for choosing professions that always have high unemployment rates. This way, recessions don’t bother her.)

From there, Kimberly went to the Rochester Institute of Technology which inexplicably had a film making major in the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences. She is still a bit amused she has a bachelor of science from a well regarded photography department while never have taking a still picture class while there. Oddly, she did manage to study poetry as well, unifying the unemployment trifecta: Film, Poetry, and Anthropology. – All good horse names if they haven’t been used.

Then came the completely unique “drive across the country to Los Angeles to get into movies” epoch. Seeing this had never been done before and there were no stories about Hollywood to guide her, Kimberly was a bit naïve about the “business.” Being half Sicilian and from a dysfunctional family were saving graces, so to speak. She had a degree in production, but since she worked in a department store and looked like, ne dressed like, a secretary, Paramount Pictures promptly put Kimberly into an office and had her pay invoices and schedule meetings. She had no idea what she was doing at first, but most importantly, looked the part.

Many experiences followed complete with all the glamour and glitz of uncooked chicken livers. From being paid to sit in studio audiences and clap – this does happen when the Los Angeles Department of Corrections considers a show to be cruel and unusual punishment, thus violating the Constitution – to hiding in an alley in Long Beach from the police because the shoot didn’t have the proper permits, to being Ron Jeremy’s script supervisor, she did about everything one can do in Hollywood (sort of legally) without getting the proverbial break.  Along the way, Kimberly worked Universal Studios and Disney. She has managed to be paid to be on every studio lot in the industry except Sony, the 405 is a bitch. Celebrities come up to her and say, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

Kimberly lives in Sherman Oaks without a cat. Her landlord would kill her. She feels that everyone should at least be rented a cat so they can make YouTube videos and is considering bringing this before the City Council.

She holds a Master degree from the University of Southern California, has taught poetry workshops, and works on independent film projects, and the ever growing chap book that may some day be done.






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