Written Work

Television – Episodic  

Retail Therapy – Over-educated people staff an import store in the San Fernando Valley.

Pilot, Bible, Episode and Arc guideventura_blvd_studio_city.323190008_std






Flower Power – In the early nine-teen seventies a Jewish plastic surgeon from L.A. takes a job at a poor Catholic hospital in Boston to be near his children after his ex-wife moves there to marry into a Kennedy-like family.  The priests, brothers, and nuns at the hospital have their own dilemmas with religion, family, and relationships in the turbulent times while trying to serve the neediest, the other St. Francis Hospital on the bad side of town.

Pilot, Bible, Character Arcs

The Middle, ABC – Spec Script, Sample, Frankie and family go to the new store in Orson to buy a chair that promises to be the answer to all their problems.



Theatrical The-Ten-Commandments-movie

Canticle – A bucolic kingdom is threatened from within and without and one of the three beautiful princesses must marry a reluctant prince to join their kingdoms against a common enemy.

Won script writing competition, placed in Nichols, considered by CAA, and covered well by Script Shark.  Been optioned, expired.

The Garden – A green AP reporter goes to Bosnia in the late nineties to cover the war and finds his common humanity with the aid workers and those caught up in the conflict.

–       The film has been used as a writing sample.  Now may be more acceptable as a non-linear film in the tradition of Memento, Mulholland Drive, Jacob’s Ladder


Family Animated Theatrical 

Two by Two – Walking, talking, singing and dancing animals from all over the world get the call to join Noah before the great flood.  The animals don’t like each other very much until the ark springs a leak and they have to work together to save all life as we know it.



kodachrome-500x399Produced Films

Writer, All Aboard America, Santa Barbara Family Film Festival Winner for best Educational Film

Director, Writer, Yaddda, Yadda, Yada, Honorable Mention USC Film Competition, picked up by various websites, 4000 hits on YouTube


Student films from Undergraduate to Graduate, Super 8, 16MM, 35MM, and Digital